Rote learning: Grandma’s way may be the best way

From a previous post, you may know that I am in the middle of trying to decide what type of education to choose for my child. Recently, I’ve been looking at a program that emphasizes a classical education with a lot of rote memorization. In trying to decide if rote memorization would be a good fit for my child, I found some surprising things. First, it appears that people need repetition to learn. For example, when a child is just learning to talk, he needs to hear a word at least 500 times before it becomes a part of his vocabulary. Second, it is not called rote memorization; it is learning by repetition. And third, adults are using spaced repetition to learn new information and skills more efficiently.

Ignition Learning recognizes that repetition is important in learning. That’s why deliver 60 learning opportunities in every 10-week course. Short burst, multi-touch, effective communications are what will change your culture, your leadership, and sales force. Contact us for your look at our program.




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